Field Stories [‘Holy Week 14’]

[Holy Week 2014 (A Week Set Apart) Final]

[Put To Death (Lent 2014)]

[The 12 Days of Christmas (Christmastide 2013/2014)]

[To Thirst For Emmanuel’s Coming (Advent 2013)]

[Thirst (2013/2014 Liturgical Year Introduction)]

[Mission Profile (September Update)]

[Bigger Upper Rooms Part III – Ordinary Time 2013]

[Bigger Upper Rooms Part II – Ordinary Time 2013]

[Bigger Upper Rooms Part I – Ordinary Time 2013]

[Love Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself]

[A Letter From Maxie]

[When Death Dies (Holy Week 2013)]

[Show Me How (Lent 2013)]

[Into Marvelous Light I Am Running (Ephiphany 2013)]

[Sing Along (An Invitation To Join In God’s Song)]

[Bridges of Hope Donor Partnership Response Card]

[Chris & Maxie Kamalski 2013 Prayer Card]

[The Weekdays of Our Lives/Ordinary Time 2012]

[We’re Moving To Cape Town!]

[The Work of The People/Easter 2012]

[The Easy Button (What Is Lent?)]

[Odyssey, A Hero’s Journey//Lent 2012]

[Ash Wednesday Liturgy]

[12 Significant Photographs] ::: {2011 Year-End Report}

[12 Significant Photographs] ::: {2011 Year-End Report} (Medium)

[Chasing Daylight//Epiphany 2012]

[S[c]ENT//Advent 2011]

[The Wisdom of Margin//Ordinary Time 2011]

[The Wisdom of Descent//Ordinary Time 2011]

[Field Stories] ::: {Refusing To Perish}

[Field Stories] ::: {Refusing To Perish} (Hi-Res)

[Field Stories] ::: {Refusing To Perish} (Low-Res)

[#Chraxie Celebration Presents- ‘The 25’]

[#Chraxie Celebration Presents- ‘The 25’ (Small)]

[The Wisdom of Obedience//Ordinary Time 2011]

[The Wisdom of Routine//Ordinary Time 2011]

[Images Of Life//Easter 2011 pdf]

[Torn//Lent 2011 pdf]

[Torn//Lent 2011 teaching at 3rd Place]

[Life Compass 2.1]

[A Clearness Committee (Parker Palmer)]

[Field Stories] ::: {2010 Year-End Report}

[Public Manifest//Epiphany 2011 pdf]

[Public Manifest//Epiphany 2011 teaching at 3rd Place]

[Field Stories] ::: {2010 Year-End Report} (Hi-Res Version)

[Field Stories] ::: {2010 Year-End Report} (Smaller Version)

[Ordinary Glory//Advent 2010 (Large)]

[Ordinary Glory//Advent 2010 (Small)]

[“The Arrival” (Ordinary Glory//Advent 2010) teaching]

[“Nobody Gets To Watch The Parade” teaching]

[60*Second Stories]

[Ke Nako (The Time Is Now)]

[Unearthing A Story I’ve Fallen Into]

[Field Stories Jul 2010] ::: {Ke Nako}

[Field Stories Apr 2010 ] ::: {Transitional/Rhythm}

[Field Stories Jan 2010] ::: {Why I Am Returning To South Africa}

[Field Stories Aug 2009] ::: {Seven Months In}

[Field Stories] are a multi-media storytelling vehicle to share my heart as I journey through my Apprenticeship with NieuCommunities South Africa.  You will find .PDF files linked to each Field Story that you can either read as pages online, or download to keep and save.

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