3 Simple Next Steps: Do Something Now!

by Chris Kamalski

1.     PRAYER: My sincere desire is that my opportunity becomes a piece of your continued journey with God.  I cannot ask for anything greater than if you would regularly lift me before God.  Would you pray for me now—even for a minute?

2.     CONNECT: A letter doesn’t do justice to the real-life adventure that this experience is bringing to my life.  I will be hosting a series of desserts in the coming months that provide a unique window for us to connect and share more personally.  The enclosed invitation explains how I’d like to see you soon!  Would you join me in person for coffee and dessert?

3.     GIVE:  My need is real: Just over $22,000 for this 11-month experience.  Please return the enclosed Response Card with a check today.  Would you help provide for my coming service and mission?

a.     If you prefer to give online, or with a monthly direct deposit, copy this link into your Internet Browser:


 I look forward to connecting with you personally in the weeks and months to come!

 -Chris Kamalski