I Want This Kind Of Normal.

by Chris Kamalski

“I want this kind of normal.”

I wrote these 6 words this past July 2008 at the close of an incredible spent living with the NieuCommunities South Africa community in Pretoria, South Africa. My heart in this simple declaration was to name out loud the growing desire in my heart to leap out into the great world that God is re-creating all around us every second of every day. Jesus describes this Kingdom of God’s as being ‘at hand,’ literally within arm’s reach. I yearn to live the kind of life where every breath that I take, whether in San Jose (the home where I grew up), Orange County (where I have called home the past 10 years), or now Pretoria, South Africa (for at least the next 10 months), is one of increasing openness, willingness, and receptivity to the presence of God in my life, and in the world in which I live. My journey has taken me to the other side of the world for this year, 2009, in an attempt to flesh out the heart behind that simple–yet deeply complex and challenging–declaration.

I invite you to join with me in this adventure of becoming myself–Chris Kamalski. I need you–your love, questions, relationships, prayers, thoughts. I wish to be a true friend to you as well–to provoke your thoughts, struggles, and to ask you to join with me in pursuing ‘the life that is truly life itself.’

In the coming weeks you will begin to see this blog come to life, in a simple attempt to begin telling the story of God bringing me to life as He lives in me.

Grateful for you–come join this walk!


PS Ways to contact me are growing:

ckamalski@gmail.com (email); ckamalski.wordpress.com (blog); ckamalski (skype)