What’s Coming.

by Chris Kamalski

Quick post, more to come later, but wanted to drop some details about the soon to be consistent content of this little blog. I’m aiming for 3 posts a week to start, with a 4th for the ‘weekend.’ Here’s what I’m looking to do weekly, plus whatever else I add in there:
*The Week That Was (Monday morning updates highlighting what happened the past week, what I’ve been thinking/reading, etc–shout out to Marko for this idea!)
*1000 Words (Pictures, eventually embedded video telling the story of what I’m experiencing)
*Thinking Out Loud (Thoughts and reflections on what I’m learning)
*Sabbath Prayers/Thoughts (Going to ‘work’ at this discipline this year)

Additionally–I’ll come up with some series of posts, and a whole bunch of random stuff like….
-You Tube Videos of the Week!
-Articles I find interesting (esp related to South Africa)
-Meet________ (Introducing you to the apprentices and staff in our community, plus the people I end up working with)

And a whole bunch of other great stuff….