Sabbath Prayer: Welcome All Human Beings.

by Chris Kamalski

Each Sabbath Sunday, I will strive to post a prayer or short reflection from what I stumble across, or find myself praying…

Just went to the evening service at Third Place (more on this Afrikaaner church plant, and the concept of “Third Places” later) (URL) and this was posted on their wall as a sort of “Welcome/Here’s who we are.” I thought it was brilliant. I apologize for several choice words, but feel like they reflect God’s heart for all…A fun little game to play might be to figure out all the Afrikaaner words that I don’t know, or also to play psychologist and discern why they chose to place several terms together (“confused-mac users-Satanists-Calvinists?” Hmm…)

The following is what I’m chewing on as the Sabbath wraps up here in Pretoria. May it bless and challenge you…

WELCOME ALL (punks, dopeheads, losers, mad scientists, alcoholics, average Joe’s, persons-who-have-gym-memberships-but-never-go, lost, lomographers, Lutherans, rooinekke, posers, wannabees, braggarts, lonely saints, prudes, fornicators, jocks, weirdoes, pc users, Catholics, freaks, verdwaaldes, wankers, sluts, players, drunks, addicts, moffies, porn lovers, geeks, liars, colonialists, air guitarists, skinderbekke, Caucasians, non-smokers, confused, mac users, Satanists, Calvinists, boere, gluttons, barbies, rockstars, perverts, drop outs, failures, villians, cry-babies, nerdes, koeke, ex-Lutherans, magicians, theologians, flirts, lone wolves, lone rangers, Afrikaans punk bands, Pharisees, TV evangelists, witches, blou bul fans, psychos, fat cows, ravers, cheats, sinners, angry wives, bible bashers, racists, dykes, Nigerians, obsessive-compulsives, narcissists, frustrated creatives, ADD kids, blacks, bitter ex-boyfriends, sport fans, hookers, saints, working moms, kleptomaniacs, schizos, students, bloggers, snarfkoppe, hypocrites, goths, fakes, nerds, emergents, cyclists, coloureds, doubters, math teachers, extremists, depressed singles, manne, loners, joggers, fundamentalists, beauty queens, back stabbers, heathens, pansies, shy nudists, haters, warlords, fighters, conservatives, dandies, rejects, pedestrians, girly men, feminists, tree huggers, Buddhists, the filthy rich, adulterers, liberals, divorcees, fairies, drama queens, ooms, closet cases, karnallies, skaters, Americans, wannabee Americans, engineers, couch potatoes, strippers, male models, Germans, realists, Jews, atheists, pimps, emo kids, boude, post post moderns, pagans, stoners, porn stars, clubbers, lawyers, dominees, charismaniacs, doodlers, hedonists, blondes, skinheads, pastors, banjo players, bankers, politikuste, flavios, self-righteous Christians, souties, MG drivers, nuwe ouers, ou ouers, ingenerds, rock spiders, poodle lovers, personal trainers, Afrikaners, the pope with his red Prada shoes, pessimists, German South Africans, priests, Irish, burnt out workaholics, manic depressives, sick people, Arabs, Patsies, rugby players, artists, backsliders, smokers, body builders, nobodies, U2 fans, sexy virgins, ou tannies, orphans, spinning instructors, metal heads, worship stars, untouchables, local celebrities, monks, beggars, abbots, elitists, cripples, weaklings, absent fathers, existentialists, bitches, cowards, skobbejakke and momma’s boys) HUMAN BEINGS.