1000 Words: Closely “Grounded.”

by Chris Kamalski

If toy balls were left behind in the Rapture...Apocalyptic Beach Ball
The world is littered with beauty.  Often times, we simply must bend our gaze.

The world is littered with beauty. Often, we must simply bend our gaze.

Don’t have too much to add in the way of brilliance, particularly at this late hour, nor do I wish to lessen these images with fluffy words.  But I have been truly enjoying photography ever since I left the United States, and feel like I am growing in my ability to ‘spot’ a picture each day!  I am employing simple rules from way back in High School when Mr. Ron Garcia taught us Black and White Photography with my mom’s old Nikon camera.  I remember he’d let me stay late in the Dark Room developing shots because I was always late to 7th period, as Thao La and I were editing the Yearbook, and essentially never finish quickly enough.  The freedom to experiment, stay late, and learn from a patient, warm Christian man was priceless.

A new ‘world’ to me in photography is learning to see things from new angles.  I am particularly interested in shots low to the ground right now, mainly because the ground is so textured, uneven, and full of color and contrast.  Low shots often seem to lend themselves to interesting contrasts, the ability to highlight a portion of the shot while allowing the rest of it to remain in soft-focus light, and providing for richly-colored images.  I hope you enjoy these…I sure am!

Moody Skies + Trickling Water = ?

Sunny Skies + Flowing Water = Draw your own conclusion

Burning rubbish as a metaphor for deconstruction equaling newly beautiful life?

Burning rubbish as a metaphor for deconstruction equaling new life?