Collective Poetry.

by Chris Kamalski

Curtis Love led our Friday Night Rhythm (our weekly community gathering of dinner, worship, and prayer) this evening, centered on the theme of “What God has made clean you shall not call profane.” As a part of it, we considered aspects of dance, art, and poetry, all centered around the idea that there is truth and beauty to be found in all things.  Amazing, to say the least.  As a final portion of our evening, Barbara Hillaker led our community in writing “Collective Poetry,” basically an exercise in responding to what God was speaking to us throughout the evening. Each person contributed a sentence or two, writing one after the other.  I love what our community came up with, so enjoy:

  • Lord, remind me every day of who I am so I may not forget how to love you…
  • …So may I let go, let go, let go…I open to you…
  • The sound of drum is the Voice of dance
  • Let my eyes not see the lie, but the truth
  • Let me have a peace within to see the beauty in all things
  • Let me not fabricate the untrue for the sake of profound, for purity and goodness is only found in authentic truth.
  • Lord, you give us languages to speak to you that I have not learned to speak.  May I shout them in praise to you.
  • May your Spirit free me, Lord.  Free me to all the missed beauty in the world.  And may this freedom give me wings, so that my soul may sour amongst the stars.
  • May I trust that sense within me that you are everywhere if I just open my eyes.
  • We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.
  • The laughter…yep it was the laughter that said the most.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and God beholds ALL.
  • Lord teach me to see the beauty of Your face in all I see!!
  • Lovely Lovely Love.
  • JOY handed out by God Himself.
  • I see what I feel–Let me feel you God.
  • Breathe, listen, hope, love, live…