Am I Now Officially An Artist?

by Chris Kamalski

How I feel about losing such great images: Flushed down the drain...How I feel about losing such great images: Flushed down the drain…

Tuesday 10:48pm Update: God came through in a rad way after I (somewhat sheepishly) begged for those images to be saved somehow, and I figured out how to recover most of them via Lexar image recovery software.  It was truly a gratefully deep moment of receiving an undeserved, unexpected gift, begging the following profound question:

  • Why do I live most moments believing that I am not deserving of the gift of unexpected blessing like my photos being able to be recovered?  Is it not the true nature of God’s heart to bless his beloved children with good gifts? (Not just speaking about Ferraris and perfect health here)

I may have just officially arrived as a photographic artist.  We shot some amazingly cool images last week during our holiday in Capetown, particularly over a 24-hour period when Busi, Colletta, and I hiked up to the top of Table Mountain (the views were stunning, and I was messing with the Tungsten setting on my camera because there was a gray/blue tint to the air that day), and then the next day as the 5 of us (Busi, Colletta, Adrienne, Ryan, and I) drove down the coast towards Hout Bay.  My camera battery died at one moment this morning while uploading photos, and I have been battling space limitations while waiting for an external hard drive to arrive from America next week to store things on.  I remember something about 102 unreadable photos, but dismissed it in the haste of our morning activities.

Now, going through photos, those images are gone forever. I am seriously sick to my stomach, and almost visibly shaken in anger/disappointment at the precious moments we have lost, seemingly forever.

Does this mean I am now officially an artist? (GRUMBLE).