An (Edited) Facebook Chat With My Oldest Friend.

by Chris Kamalski

The RBC Posse in full nostalic glory.

The RBC Posse in full nostalic glory.

why not ready for 30?


30 i’m stoked on, it’s just weird!

haven’t loved my 20’s at all



really? no love for the 20s?

I guess it’s the new adolescence right?

(according to the Hurt guy)


well, i’d never change the growth i’ve experienced–but sometimes i don’t like the accompanying struggle and heartache

yeah seriously. i feel like i’m just entering adulthood in many respects


I read a couple other psych reports that verified that too that the brain doesn’t solidify until 25

yeah i feel you on that

am I ready to reach 30…shieeet

I love my job, love my friends, but I got no love


you mean ‘the love’?


no love as in no one, not that i feel like i need someone else to be complete, i’ve lived my life to not be in need of other people (or at least that’s whatI’ve told myself), but I’m ready not to be single now, I’m ready to find the love of my life, fall madly and passionately in love, get married, make babies…you know, “the love”



yeah seriously, i know. i could have written that exact sentence.

it’s like we’re two cougar chicks in some hugh grant romantic comedy–who’da ever thunk it?


(edited, although i’m sure ryan wouldn’t care)



plus we’d both kick hugh grants (fill in the blank), i’m sure he’s a pansy


we’re late bloomers, we didn’t peak in high school, ours is still to come, our greatness is always emerging and that takes a certain type of commitment, one that many can’t stomach, but it is what will change the world, make God’s kingdom of justice known, etc etc


we’ve seen status quo as what it is, rejected it because there is something greater

as paul writes “we’re more than conquerors”


hell yes! holding on to that for all it’s worth!

for sure. as frank sinatra sings,

‘the best is yet to come’


i can dig that


as cs lewis concludes narnia, ‘all this is but a title page…of a story that gets better and better’