Midweek Musings.

by Chris Kamalski

  • How do I typically respond to moments of yearning?  Try to get past them?  Feel embarrassed by them?  Embrace them?  Often, I simply bury them beneath busyness or appease my heart with little indulgences like food, hobbies, or pleasures.
  • Is the life I am living the life God envisioned for me?  Am I free or living out the script that life has handed to me?
  • Best definition of a kiss EVER (from the ‘modern’ perspective): ‘A kiss is two mandibles pressing together for a certain duration of time, with the possible exchange of digestive fluids.’
  • “We live in narrative” (Eugene Peterson).
  • Is it possible that the life of God is less interesting than the stories God inspires?
  • My own small story is often about making life work for me on my terms, and doing just enough to not make God angry or disappointed with me.
  • What if God was like our deepest dreams and greatest imaginations–and yet better and truer?
  • There is nothing more hopeful than knowing the redemptive presence of God in the midst of tragedy.
  • Joy and pain are not paradoxical, rather inseparable–joy is found in the midst of pain.
  • Must God act outside our doctrine (ie our theological framework of security) at times to actually relate to us and grow us?