Dear Future Chris.

by Chris Kamalski

Dear Future Chris,

It’s past your bedtime yet again.  

Will you gently (so no one gets hurt) lay down the questions that you carry with you so deeply in these days (What is next year about? What is God’s call on my life? Who will I be doing life with? Where’s my partner? Who is my team? What is my role and function? What am I gifted in? Where is my heart stirred? Is there (finally) a place that God is calling me to? More than one place? What role or function can I play in leading a team?  In serving with a team?  Will spiritual formation and direction play a central role in my contribution? Will I live near good surf? Am I to return to America?  Is the next season of my life outside the US? What about my closest friends and family? How do I invite them into what is swirling around my heart?).  It’s ok to let things breathe, lay fallow, and rest for awhile.  You need rest.  You need fun.  You need relaxation.  You need to surf!

God has been–is–and will be in control.  He clearly called you into this apprenticeship, and has been intimately involved in everything in your life.  Why would He abandon relationship now?  It’s time to enjoy the present moments–warm afternoon winter sun, shadows dancing on your curtains, an epic Billabong Pro J-Bay contest, new friends, teaching formation stuff to a willing crew at 3rd Place, good food always.  You are being taken care of.  Rest in me–today.

I love you, even when you are crazy and neurotic,

The Chris of Today