On Becoming, Not Being.

by Chris Kamalski

I am reminded tonight (thanks to my dear friend Aly Taillon, who should have a blog but doesn’t!) that we are creatures who are constantly in the process of becoming who we already are (I first wrote about this idea here). This is deeply comforting to me this evening, as I survey the mess that is my room, the unfinished mental checklist of seemingly endless things that will likely keep me awake far too long tonight, the internal angst I feel in trying to control and decide my vocation (We’re fooling ourselves if we actually believe we’d want God’s ability to see all that is available to us).  Yet again I find myself concentrating on ‘being somebody’ this evening, as if I possessed some sort of divine ability to snap my fingers and arrive at some permanent state of rest that defines the very nature of ‘being.’

John Coe, the Director of the Institute for Spiritual Formation, my graduate school, was oft-referenced for the idea that we are unable to ever arrive at a state of pure being, as only God is unadulterated being, fully at rest, complete in Himself.  Thinking about how the Story ends this evening, I’m remembering the fact that it is God Himself who chooses to enter into our world yet again and dwell among us (see Revelation 21), FINALLY bringing us to a place of full restoration.  You know what’s interesting about that directional movement?  It is only when God moves towards us that we experience any sense of pure being.  Essentially, my constant attempts to arrive at a state of completion are impossible–they won’t happen until God dwells in fullness with us again!

Which causes me to stop…