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"There's a Writer outside ourselves, plotting a better story for us" ~Don Miller

J-Bay Is Near.

I’m jetting down to Jeffrey’s Bay (J-Bay for all you surf hounds) from Thursday-Sunday this week for some much needed down time, rest, bodyboarding (conveniently, the sandbars there are supposedly the best they’ve been in a decade, and a big swell hits tomorrow!), and just an overall timeout from the Apprenticeship here in Pretoria.

I’m realizing today that I fly home to San Francisco in exactly 4 months from today, which is CRAZY, and we just began the 4th of 6 of our Learning Postures, that of Contending (  So much has happened these past 6 months as I have been here in South Africa, and particularly in the past 6 weeks as there have been staff changes (two of the oldest staff families are leaving this year–one now for sabbatical, another at the end of this year), dreaming about the future (the president of CRM and the director of NieuCommunities have come through), and much talk about what is happening next year.

Honestly, I’m worn out from all of this. We’ve hosted a ton of visitors lately, opened our hearts up deeply to God through revisiting some key concepts in The Sacred Romance, and are freezing in the coldest month of the South African winter (Pretoria is over 4,000ft in elevation!).

I would love prayer these next few days for:

a. Much needed rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation; b. That I would hear and meet God through nature, taking photos, and surf; c. That my batteries would be recharged; d. Safety and health;

and e. Mostly: That I would lay down anxiousness, an inability to sleep recently, and questions about my future simply to enjoy the present moment (and that I have 4 months at minimum left here!).

Grateful for you…Chris

‘Context Collapse.’

Super interesting article on Facebook’s future, and whether it can remain relevant in an unstoppable digital age. I know that I increasingly struggle with how much effort/attention to give FB, and have found it becoming more ‘work’ than fun to maintain clearing my Inbox…

The money quote:

There’s a name for what happens when everyone joins the same site at the same time, perhaps rendering it uncool: “context collapse.” That’s the term used to describe a series of awkward events like when your boss or parents friend you, or someone posts a picture of you that you don’t want your colleagues seeing, or when an elementary school bully from your past starts commenting on your status updates. As these activities cascade, social media research has shown that people begin to shy away from their online persona and begin aggressively limiting the information that appears about themselves. Not surprisingly, users begin to stress out about their tangled social scenes and abandon the network all together.

1000 Words: My Shadowed Self.

Been promising for a few days now to upload a recent photo shoot I stumbled upon as I was sitting at the top of a set of cricket bleachers in a deserted prep school south of Jo’Burg a few weekends ago.  I wandered the grounds early one Saturday morning (in the midst of school holiday) to escape from the retreat center we were staying at for the weekend.  Warming myself in the clear winter sun, I realized, “Ooh!  My shadow looks cool!”  A quick shoot later, here are the results:

I’d be super interested (as I seek to grow as a photographer) to know which shot or angle catches your eye, and why.  Please leave a comment…

Ooh, look at my shadow!

Ooh, look at my shadow!

This was my favorite, until...

This was my favorite, until...

I like the diagonal lines in this photo, plus it looks like I am super flexible!

I like the diagonal lines in this photo, plus it looks like I am super flexible!

This is my favorite.  Leading lines, Rule of 3rds, Sharp cropping...

This is my actual favorite. Leading lines, Rule of 3rds, Sharp cropping...

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