Ariana Lee Asks Good Questions.

by Chris Kamalski

One of my brilliant students Ariana Lee and I have been having a fantastic conversation on Facebook recently, and I wanted you to join us.  Come eavesdrop on what we’ve said so far (I especially like her question about the practicality of life within the Kingdom:

Ariana Lee Last night, I went to Disneyland. I stood there. facing the castle. remembering the retreat. Here’s what you had to say:
“-What is it about being in a magical *kingdom* that makes us feel alive? Is there a reason Walt called Disneyland a kingdom?
-Somewhere, we understand that we are made to come alive in THE (or a) kingdom.
-Jesus says the Gospel is the Kingdom of God being right here. (the Gospel of Jesus is His good news… the story of God re-conquering & taking back His people)
-In these, the Gospel is directly connected to His kingdom: Matt. 4:23, 9:35, 24:14; and(I think)Luke 9:2.”

There was a little more, but this is gonna be a longish post as is. I’ll conclude with the questions you asked:
*What is the Gospel of Jesus?
*What have we made the Gospel?
*How do I practically live within the Kingdom of God?

Am I writing this for you or me? I’m not sure. Maybe there will be something that God has to say to you. Maybe I’ll never know. Until then, I’m praying for you.

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Chris KamalskiMy thoughts:

-I wouldn’t use the language of ‘God re-conquering’ his people as that sounds too colonial/too crusade like/too forced and that wording has negative connotations in many parts of the world. I’d say something like ‘The Gospel of Jesus is the story of God restoring his creation-people, and all things within our world-back to its original intention.


-The Gospel of Jesus IS the present availability of the Kingdom of God all around us. We are invited to participate in the restorative story that God is ‘telling’ RIGHT HERE AND NOW. The Gospel of Jesus is the place where we become fully ourselves ‘the realest Chris Kamalski’ there is, does that make sense?


-We’ve made the Gospel only about the future, only about salvation (fire insurance) from hell, much too personal/individualistic focused, not concerned with my one life ‘here and now in this world,’ disconnected from larger structural injustice issues and the realities of poverty that much of our world faces today.

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Chris KamalskiI live within the Kingdom of God through opening each moment to the reality that the Spirit of God is ALIVE and at work in me, and in all parts of this world. By seeking to live the question ‘God where are you at work, and how can I join you?’ By seeking to connect and abide (make a home from) a place of knowing God in ALL THINGS in your life…


By meaning this statement: ‘Your will be done, not mine, this day.’

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