Passion 2010 Live Link.

by Chris Kamalski

Come join the movement.

Come join the movement.

Passion 2010 Live Link. TONIGHT (Monday, Sept 14th) @ 5:30pm PST.

Click here to come join the movement.

I believe in the Passion Movement more than I believe in the Spirit’s work in any other conference or gathering. I realize that is a massive statement, and yet have seen life change happen to a degree that most other gatherings fail to have.  I’m not sure entirely what it is, but I know that I am writing this from Pretoria, South Africa as a direct result of the Spirit’s impact on my life through a series of Passion gatherings.

Join us tonight for the road leading up to Passion 2010, a powerful series of days in early January 2010 where tens of thousands of university students and high school seniors will converge upon Atlanta, GA for 4 days of seeking God’s face.  Tonight is the Passion 2010 Live Link, a webcast gathering of the tribe to cast vision and prepare hearts for the just-begun school year.

Join us…