Simplicity Is Not Simple.

by Chris Kamalski

It was my (long-overdue) turn to post on our community blog this past week. Enjoy a clip below of what I wrote regarding our community-wide engagement of the discipline of simplicity during the month of August, or head here (“Simplicity Is Not Simple”) for the full story and accompanying pictures.

To a person in our community, we realized that ’simplicity is definitely not simple.’ And yet our desire to strip ourselves of what truly mattered remained.  We banded together, sharing food and seeking to go without what we needed (and especially what we wanted) throughout this month.  We began to realize that even attempting the corporate practice of this discipline was powerful and shaping in our failed attempts at it.  Again, I came away with the understanding that engaging a shared practice with an openness of spirit is key towards a true allowing of the Spirit to transform our lives.