Becoming Chris Kamalski

"There's a Writer outside ourselves, plotting a better story for us" ~Don Miller

This Is A Big Week.

  • I’m turning 30 on Friday!  (Apparently, there is varied opinion within my community of friends as to this being either momentous–my 4th decade of life!–or insignificant. Ironically, those who say insignificant are pushing the later decades of wisdom…:-)).
  • I’m beginning many last stage projects here in Pretoria, including several work/fundraising projects for the local NGO I have been working with in spiritual direction/group therapy all year long.
  • Multiple creative art projects (Including submitting my first pieces to a local art show ‘God, Love, Life, & Murder’ a la the Johnny Cash album) are on the horizon demanding attention.  This is both inspiring and draining at the same time!
  • The lovely lady I’ve been dating leaves for Uganda for several weeks on Sunday.  Many thoughts with this!
  • Our NieuCommunities Director is here for 10 days to work with the staff and those of us in various places of considering longer-term work with CRM and/or NieuCommunities.  In fact, I leave tonight for a quick 24-hour retreat joining our staff who are already away, to dream, plan, and converse about the future.  I’m ready, nervous, curious, open, and a million other things about the conversations I will be a part of in the next week.
  • I will likely head home through London for a few days to walk the streets of Shoreditch in East London, praying and getting a gut read as to whether this could be a place that the Spirit is calling me towards at some point in my life.  This could be a really big deal at some point.
  • Beginning to contact and dream/make plans for time at home over the holidays, seeking to re-connect with donors and church communities that have supported me.  I’m truly looking to thank them, encourage them, and enter into conversation about how their arms have held me up this year.  I’m eager to dream a bit about the future as well (and have several creative macro ideas as to fun ways this could happen).

All this to say, I need prayer this week.  I welcome your thoughts and feedback as well…

Woe to Chris (Hallelujah, God Is Bigger).

I see so much of my own heart in these verses.

I see so much of my own heart in these verses.

This morning I awoke grumpy and tired, for seemingly no reason.  In actuality, I slept deeper than I normally do, and feel more rested than I typically am at the start of the day.  I’ve been up less than 2 hours, and already I’ve: Spilt coffee on the table (nothing new here in Pretoria for me!), struggled to get into too tight jeans, moaned about having to pick up our property workers from the train station, and generally had a bad attitude about almost everything.  My thoughts in the fog of semi-condemnation this morning are as follows:

  • This isn’t the life that God offers, or the heart of the Spirit who dwells within my soul.
  • I don’t want a negative, grey sort of day where God seems absent largely because I am in such a hurry to get everything done.
  • May my tiredness be an invitation for God to make His presence known all the more clearly today.
  • Many of you friends who read this have had, are currently in the middle of, or will wake up to a similar reality this week.  I want you to know that God is bigger, the Spirit is stronger, and the work of Jesus is more permanent than how we feel about this at any moment of the day.  As I seek to open in my own brokenness to this stuff of normal life this morning, may you be encouraged to stop, open your hearts, and simply let Jesus work today.  This is my prayer for you!
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