I Stumbled Across You Today.

by Chris Kamalski

Colletta Cole rambled off these words as an aside yesterday during our morning conversation, and they have settled themselves in my heart in the past 24 hours, to the point that they are becoming prayer-like in their meaning to me at this point.  Don’t you, like me and most other normal people, stumble through most of our days, trying our best to be awake and alive to the demands set before us each day, generally seeking to do good (albeit, some days, more pure evil!), to love people, to build and enlarge goodness as our world is slowly restored?  And yet distractions, honest questions, To-Do Lists, normal life responsibilities, let alone the good/better/best things that we fill our days with, often overwhelm any sense of being truly alive, living in freedom, centering ourselves to “will the one thing” (Thanks, Soren Kiekagaard for that brilliant thought) more than any other.

In fact, doesn’t the thick nature of my run-on paragraph above reflect the overcrowded nature of your heart, the same as it does mine?

May we live open, alive, centered, slow, responsive, loving lives today.  May your heart be enlarged to respond to the wooing call of the Spirit who dwells in you–nay, in all things!–and may you heed those whispers.  I am praying for you to join me in living alive this day…