Why I Love Bill Simmons.

by Chris Kamalski

I bust out laughing every week at Bill Simmons, the best sportswriter alive. I don’t agree with all his content, but he’s both side-splittingly hilarious, a genius sports analyst and master theorist, and surprisingly transparent about how much he loves his friends. I hate how much he loves Boston sports, but hey, everyone’s got a gimmick.

The following paragraphs on his oldest friends are especially dear to me in these days as I prepare to re-connect with those whom I have loved the deepest and longest in my life. I can’t wait to see you family and friends!

That’s what happens when you get old. People move, people have kids, and it’s not uncommon to go 18 months without seeing one of your best friends. If somebody told you this would happen when you were 25 or younger, you would punch them in the face. You would refuse to believe it. But it happens to everyone. It just does…We made it. It’s been 13 years since our first monster Vegas trip together. Nothing has changed. We are the same guys. The truth is, you have your oldest friends in life, and then you have everyone else. Nothing will trump your oldest friends. Any amount of time can pass without your feeling as if you’ve grown apart because, really, you can’t. It’s like a plant. You just have to water it every so often and you’re good.