Why I Am Returning To South Africa 1.

by Chris Kamalski

Here’s How You Can Help Me.


I wrote those 6 declarative words in July 2008 at the close of an incredible spent living with the NieuCommunities South Africa family in Pretoria, South Africa, never knowing that they would draw me to return as Field Staff 2 years later.

My heart in this simple declaration was to name out loud the growing desire in my heart to leap out into the great world that God is re-creating all around us every second of every day.  Jesus describes this Kingdom of God’s as being ‘at hand,’ literally within arm’s reach. I yearn to live the kind of life where every breath that I take, whether in San Jose (the home where I grew up), Orange County (where I called home for 10 formative years in early adulthood), or now Pretoria, South Africa (much of 2008-2009, and now for the next 2 years, through 2011), is one of increasing openness, willingness, and receptivity to the presence of God in my life, and in the world in which I live.  My journey carried me to the bottom of the world in 2009, in an attempt to flesh out the heart behind that simple—yet deeply complex and challenging—declaration.

Now, I am called to return to Pretoria, South Africa, to join the NieuCommunities South Africa team in a season of great transition, and equally great opportunity. NieuCommunities is a collective of missional communities scattered around the world committed to mentor and send followers of God in the way of Jesus. Stated simply, we will train and empower South Africans to live as missional Christians in their own neighborhoods, as well as send them to influence leaders around the globe.

I invite you to join me in this adventure of becoming myself—Chris Kamalski. I need you: your love, questions, relationships, prayers, thoughts as I move into this calling.  I wish to be a true friend to you as well: to provoke your thoughts, struggles; to ask you to join with me in pursuing ‘the life that is truly life.’