17 Cents.

by Chris Kamalski

The Cost Of 1 Meal For A Haitian Through Feed My Starving Children.

Feed My Starving Children

Speaking at Eastside Christian High School and Junior High (where I was Chaplain for the past 4+ years prior to spending 2009 in South Africa), I mentioned this ridiculous statistic that physically made me ill after learning that 17 lousy cents was all Feed My Starving Children needed to pull together a nutritious meal that is served to people starving to death around the world. Through the incredible engagement of 22,000+ college students at Passion 2010 a few weeks ago, over 100,000 meals were paid for, packed, and shipped by 500 students over the course of 2 afternoons. My little crew of students and I jumped on board this cause, and upon returning to speak at Eastside the next Friday, Eastside students sacrificed to provide 1,000 meals for the last and least of these, our neighbors, choosing to wed worship and justice together, seeking to have their songs of praise grow legs and become tangible action in our world.

Who knew that this Friday, January 8th, was a mere 100 hours prior to the worst natural disaster in the history of the Western Hemisphere, and that the provocative call to “Do Something Now” would directly engage our Haitian neighbors with a pre-emptive effort of love?

I am stunned at how the Spirit of God causes response in His people prior to a need being known. And I am grateful for students in a small Christian school in Fullerton who are engaging their worship through action!