Why I’m Returning To South Africa 2.

by Chris Kamalski

Here’s How You Can Help Me.

Introducing a rhythm in practicing Spiritual Disciplines to our community.

I see 4 avenues of missional engagement with South Africans as the primary ‘currents’ within which I’ll swim as I return to South Africa for the next two years. Here’s the first avenue I see myself engaged in:

  1. Developing Spiritual Formation & Rhythms in God for our Community: Using my training in Spiritual Formation and Direction, I will direct, deepen, and engage both our covenanted and wider South African community in spiritual rhythms, disciplines, and a formative process that helps open our hearts to God, each other, and the transformative journey that we are all on as followers of Jesus. I will oversee the “Communion & Community with God and each other” piece of NieuCommunities South Africa’s vision.