Apparently, Humans Need Each Other?

by Chris Kamalski

Occasionally in a Facebook comment, I stumble across the fact that I am saying something, well, worth saying. Here’s a clip in reply to a friend that asked how a 48-hour silent retreat was this past weekend:

Parts great, parts really sucky. I’m realizing that I need people around me more now, than I need solitude (which is amazing considering how much I love silence and retreat and am wired that way).

I have grown to expect isolation and aloneness is the norm, and clearly it’s not.

Apparently, human health is being relationally connected, is it not?

Somewhere in my DNA these past few years I have deeply internalized the reality that I am alone (and even worse, that I ‘deserve’ this somehow for relational failure in my past), and have grown to prefer being unhealthy as opposed to healthy.

Healthy is being connected to people: Maxie, my team here, new friends in south africa, all you amazing people back home.

Who’da thunk it? Maybe God is up to something deep…