My Mom Comments On Courage.

by Chris Kamalski

Yesterday, I wrote a post on How Normal Fights Back, reflecting on the call of ordinary people engaging in courageous acts in the midst of their own lives. I loved my Mom’s reflections on this subject so much I thought she deserved her own post! Enjoy:

Nancy Kamalski

Courage can be something as “simple” as doing something you have never done before or going somewhere you have never gone before. I was scared the first time I went to Mexico to build houses- not sure I was strong enough, a bit worried about sickness, wondering whether the high schoolers would accept me, wondering whether I could do my part as a member of a team. I still think about those things each time the Amor trip approaches, but the good outweighs the fear.

It takes courage to continue in a hard job; it also takes courage to leave a job when it takes the life out of you.

It takes courage to begin, continue, and end relationships.

It takes courage to be outrageously generous with your time, talent, and treasure.

It takes courage to write about what you think might be a lack of courage, but openness to that thought will leave you open to the infusion of God’s brand of courage – which is a whole other wonderful idea:)

February 3, 2011 at 9:50 pm

How are you engaging courage in your own life?