My Lent Fast.

by Chris Kamalski

I really enjoyed talking to myself on Twitter this morning regarding what I was choosing to fast from in Lent. In the height of irony, I announced via social media that I was going to fast from all things including social media! I am a comic of the highest order, no doubt. This comes in response to what our faith community, 3rd Place, is moving into regarding Lent. I have been privileged to lend my voice to this conversation taking place all throughout Pretoria, helping craft a downloadable PDF filled with prayers, meditations, and exercises designed to engaged you in the oldest fast within the Christian community. Also, I introduced this season last week during an Ash Wednesday experience we entitled “TORN.” Listen along, here:

What are you fasting for Lent this year as a means by which to die to yourself as Christ moves towards His own death?

chriskamalski Lent Fast (Pt 1): Fasting from procrastination + hiding via endless blog reading, internet searching (however appropriate), twitter reading. 7 minutes ago

chriskamalski Lent Fast (Pt. 2): Facebook status updating. Limiting self to 20 min daily to read news and be online, other than use of email outlets. 7 minutes ago

chriskamalski Lent Fast (Pt. 3): Will post learnings in 1 tweet daily, no replies. Will continue to focus on writing, Project 365 Photo, website. 6 minutes ago

chriskamalski Lent Fast (Pt. 4): Expect this to be hard. I hide online a bit, and swallow my heart at times via endless information consumption 5 minutes ago

chriskamalski Lent Fast (Pt. 5): Expect the Spirit to soothe distraction, open my heart anew, and prepare me for coming marriage to @sarahmaxie. EXCITED! 5 minutes ago

chriskamalski Lent Fast (Pt. 6): Gonna listen in prayer, not listen to podcasts in car, and read more. Sense this is a pivotal season of preparation. 3 minutes ago