So What Do We Do When The Police Come To Take Our Lives?

by Chris Kamalski

So grateful to work globally alongside saints such as Norris!

Yesterday I received my monthly donor support letter from CRM, our parent mission organization. At the start of each month, a story from a CRM missionary somewhere in the globe is distributed as a way to say thanks to the thousands of individual donors that support the 425+ CRM missionaries serving God in 25 countries worldwide. Norris Williams works with (largely) underground church planters throughout the Middle East. Whenever I hear a story about him, it puts my work here in Pretoria in such perspective! I thought I’d post his story in its entirety in the JPG above. A question asked of him at a recent church planting training alone demands the read: “So what do we do when the police come to take our lives?”

The downloadable PDF version of this story is here: Norris Williams Letter

I am humbled to serve God in the same family as this CRM brother, and hope to live with such undaunting courage! Enjoy the story above…