Becoming Chris Kamalski

"There's a Writer outside ourselves, plotting a better story for us" ~Don Miller

Life Compass Is…

Attempting to describe the unfolding story God is having Maxie and I carry forward in mission right now…Life Compass is increasingly the central tool we are using to help empower others to discover and live into the story of their lives, through an emerging vision that is grounded in a holistic sense of who I am created to be. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce this work to you!

The Wisdom of Margin.


The last in the series of Ordinary Time write-ups in our 3rd Place liturgical year. Download here!


"The margins of life are where creativity happens." (JD Walt)



What if we lived as if created to play within our world?

Information consumption is a growing addiction in our world. Guilty myself!

It's time to doodle again!

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