[Field Stories Aug ’09 ] ::: {Seven Months In}

[Field Stories Aug ’09] ::: {Seven Months In}

[FIELD STORIES] are a multi-media storytelling vehicle to share my heart as I journey through my Apprenticeship with NieuCommunities South Africa.  You will find .PDF files linked to each Field Story that you can either read as pages online, or download to keep and save.  

Simple steps to enjoying these stories:

  1. Click on the link above (It will take a few seconds to load).
  2. You can read the .PDF online if you wish, or:
  3. Click the ‘Save’ icon to download file to your desktop (Right-Click if you are using a PC computer)
  4. Open .PDF document using Adobe Reader or equivalent .PDF program.
  5. Enjoy!  (Please email me your thoughts and reflections at ckamalski@gmail.com).