Becoming Chris Kamalski

"There's a Writer outside ourselves, plotting a better story for us" ~Don Miller

Tag: Circles of Confusion

Max: Reflection (Project 365, Day 261).

Aperture: f/1.8     Focal Length: 50 mm     ISO: 100     Shutter Speed: 1/640′

Circles Of Confusion, Abstract (Project 365, Day 230).

Aperture: f/4.5     Focal Length: 36 mm     ISO: 100     Shutter Speed: 1/80


Circles Of Confusion (Project 365, Day 168).

Couldn’t decide between photos for Day 168, so here’s another using a new photo technique I’m playing with, “Circles of Confusion” (those beautiful circles in the background that soften and beautify close-up images).


Aperture: f/5.6     Focal Length: 55 mm     ISO: 200     Shutter Speed: 1/60 second