Ripping Roofs.

I am moments removed from a fantastic book discussion on Dallas Willard’s modern classic “Divine Conspiracy” this morning with Colletta and Oupa, and found my soul awakened from its stupor by now familiar, yet nevertheless revolutionary ideas from Willard this morning.  This quote arrested us:

Helmut Thielicke points out that we often wonder if the celebrities who advertise foods and beverages actually consume what they are selling.  He goes on to say that this is the very question most pressing for those of us who speak for Christ.  Surely something has gone wrong when moral failures are so massive and widespread among us. Perhaps we are not eating what we are selling.  More likely, I think, what we are ‘selling’ is irrelevant to our real existence and without power over daily life. (Divine Conspiracy, pp. 47-48).

We reminded each other this morning that there is a reason why people ripped the roofs off of houses to get to Jesus, or sold all that they possessed to follow Him in His way of life.  I so desperately want to engage in this sort of Kingdom Life today.  I long for the passion and desire to enter fully into the joys–the failures–they struggles–the normal moments–of today.