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The Weekdays of Our Lives/Ordinary Time 2012.

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Download [The Weekdays of Our Lives/Ordinary Time 2012] pdf here.

The Wisdom of Margin.


The last in the series of Ordinary Time write-ups in our 3rd Place liturgical year. Download here!


"The margins of life are where creativity happens." (JD Walt)



What if we lived as if created to play within our world?

Information consumption is a growing addiction in our world. Guilty myself!

It's time to doodle again!

The Wisdom of Descent.

Grab 3rd Place’s September take on Ordinary Time, “The Wisdom of Descent,” which I wrote, here:

Love the root meaning, "to climb down."

Nouwen's definition of prayer: Where we are totally ourselves before God.

"The chief task of the athlete (that is, the monk) is to enter into his heart" (Macarius the Great)

The reality that the Spirit dwells in my hidden self both liberates and freaks me out!

"Prayer moves theology of the head to words expressed by the heart" (Henri Nouwen)








The Wisdom Of Obedience.

Nothing ordinary about obedience at all, even if it has fallen out of fashion.

Tom Smith rocked our community in early July with a two-week series on training withe Jesus in the sort of life that He lived on this earth, implying heavily that one of the values that has been lost in our obsession with all things missional has been the difficult act of obedience.  If I’m frank, obedience makes me uncomfortable, because it confronts the values that I speak out with the reality how how I often am falling short of them in my life. I’d rather stick in the intellectual discussion of a certain theological treatise, or pick apart a concept that society is wrestling with. Obedience brings this discussion to a guttural level, asking me if I truly take serious the implications of following Someone’s Authoritative Voice. I’m excited to pursue this aspect of Ordinary Time with our faith community this month.

Full downloadable PDF here.

Really challenged by this definition of obedience.

Do I prefer consuming information as opposed to acting out transformation?

May my obedience grow to match my information consumption.

The Wisdom Of Routine.

I’ve been shepherding 3rd Place through the Liturgical Year since Advent began this past November. A few weeks after our wedding, we entered into the second half of the rhythm of the Liturgical Year, known as “Ordinary Time.” Over the next five months, I’ll be posting a monthly reflection, prayer exercise, and engagement moving towards action that I introduced to our local faith community at 3rd Place.

The PDF writeup for “The Wisdom Of Routine” can be downloaded here.

My teaching at 3rd Place on the subject of Ordinary Time can be listened to here. Enjoy! 

Love the gear image.

"It is what we do routinely, not what we do rarely, that delineates the character of a person."

"It is decision time: Will we take Easter and Christmas seriously or not?"

Follow the Liturgical Year A texts at

"How were You (God) loving me even when Your presence seemed far away?"

"God has set eternity in the hearts of men"




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