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Passion 2012 Candlelight Freedom Vigil.

3 Million For Freedom From Slavery.

Passion 2012 literally just ended a few hours ago, and soaking in God’s presence for 4 days with 45,000 university students in the Georgia Dome (where the Atlanta Falcons play!) was amazing. More stunning (yet believable, as college students are not poor and have always been at the forefront of changing the world) is how worship was wed with justice, as we collectively chose to Do Something Now  to end modern day slavery around the world (A sobering reality: There are more slaves worldwide, 27 million+, than at any point in human history).

The result: Over $3 million US dollars (24.5 million RAND) raised through college students in 4 days to combat this!

Don’t ever count college students out!

Challenging My Indifference.

“A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.” [Peter Marshall]

What will you — and I — do to help our world become different by the time we lay our heads down to sleep tonight?

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