Random Musings, Vol. 1.

by Chris Kamalski

  • Dallas Willard talks about the Kingdom of God being ‘at hand’ or ‘near’ in reference to space, not time.  Does this mean that I am ‘breathing God’ in this moment?  If so, my concept of God’s presence is all out of wack…
  • “If grace were an ocean, we’d be sinking” (David Crowder dropping knowledge once again…his new cd “Church Music” is out today by the way).
  • Looking intentionally at one’s journey is hard work!  My soul is somewhat weary this morning as we are in the midst of the “Life Compass” process, which is a reflective tool that helps us end(!) the Apprenticeship year with clarity, having a solid sense of who we are, what the Spirit is calling us toward, and where we are headed next.  We’re in Week 2 of a 3+ week process, and I feel the weariness of looking inward this morning.  Confident that God is moving and shifting everything really–but weary nonetheless.  Prayer is needed!
  • Spring is out of control here in Pretoria.  Driving down Burger Street to have dinner with Tony & Dayna Cermak last night, there was not a single tree that wasn’t exploding in various shades of pink.  And the Grand Finale of purple jacaranda trees hasn’t even happened yet!
  • Warfare is real.  We are opposed by an Enemy that is cunning and evil, out to steal, kill, and destroy our hearts.  If you struggle to believe that (I do most days!), begin to step into your truest self, and then watch out….
  • ….However, the end is clear!  We win as God’s presence descends again to man!
  • I am old.  I sort of threw out my back this weekend trying to move some picnic tables, and I’m hurting this morning.  In related news, I turn 30(!) in 24 days…or as my sister lovingly says, ‘You are entering your 4th decade!’
  • I finish my Apprenticeship year in Pretoria in 61 days.