On Nurturing Creativity.

by Chris Kamalski

This TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity has been rocking my world.

I have often wondered about the creative muse, and how one ‘bottles’ such elusive inspiration in any sort of normative, consistent, even regular fashion. It seems like most creatives are tortured, fleeting, irregular people. And yet, so often this impulsivity is simply a result of poor self-discipline and inconsistent work habits.

Maybe we are approaching creativity all wrong.

As Gilbert pontificates, maybe there is truly some sort of spirit or presence that exists apart from our own spirits that inspires us to move into a creative path that is far different from our own efforts and abilities, that in a sense ‘carries’ us to places that we are not capable of moving into in our own strength.

Of course, as a follower of Jesus, I live in the reality that this spirit is the Spirit, and incredibly enough, this Spirit actually dwells inside of me in constant friendship with my own spirit. Incredibly enough, this allows me access to a power that is far more present, consistent, and desiring to be used for good throughout the whole world.

However, I still must simply show up for work each morning. At times, a seamless union will emerge as my spirit aligns (bows, surrendered) with the Spirit’s activity in the world through me. Often, I miss this alignment, choosing instead to sleep in, waste time, or simply watch TV.

I wish (I think!) that the creative presence of God within me flowed in a more consistent manner. Maybe that is what we actually call transformative growth, no?

Regardless, it’s time to show up. I’m going to do that now by heading off to make a few images with my new camera.

How are you spending your day today?