Mind: Stop Interfering!

by Chris Kamalski

I think my lovely wife knows me well, no?

Maxie walked in the door just now, fresh from wandering around the mall on her day off, grinning that she had found me a little present that just couldn’t wait until my birthday. I was curious as to what she had purchased, and so we opened up…

The most epic little idea notebook ever! The book is called “Love Stuff,” and has this as its tagline:

Sometimes the heart should follow the mind. Sometimes the heart should tell the mind to stay at home and stop interfering.

I was immediately struck with a) how accurately and deeply Maxie loves me well, and b) how much I resonate with this sentiment. Listen: I love internal dialogue, self-awareness (I’m looking at a creative interpretation of the Socrates quote, “Know thyself” right now on my desk), and the internal journey of transformation that we all walk through more than most people. Heck, I even got a Master’s degree in it! Yet, I am increasingly convinced that for a portion of the human race, the mind (at times, if not managed well with an overabundance of grace and self-care) can becoming more imprisoning than freeing. I know my cycles of paralyzation all too well, and they often chain me rather than let me fly. Some sort of integration of internal processing, and actionable engagement, must be the way forward…