Adrienne Is Right.

by Chris Kamalski

God is Love.

My next-door neighbor and good friend Adrienne Mickler has been on a crazy journey with God this year, culminating in the raw and powerful thoughts below following a profound experience with God through her boyfriend Ryan this past weekend…I thought her words were too impactful to not post in their entirety.  (P.S. If you visit her site, I took the epic profile photo of her!).

God is infinite. I am finite.

Keep that in mind and try to stay with me through this next bit…

Love exists.  It is an invisible, intangible force that is undeniably present, manifesting itself differently all over the world.  If I can believe in love, than I can also believe in God; for they are inseparable: God is love.

In one week, I experience moments of love given and received more times than I can remember.  Things like: an understanding smile from a close friend who can see straight through my mask, a note left for a friend who needs to know she is cared and appreciated for, an anonymous act of service done for another, a meal shared with friends, etc.  These are all seemingly normal moments, but they are moments where real love is exchanged.

If I believe that God is love, and I experience indisputable acts of love in a week, than wouldn’t it make sense to say that I experience God? If I am seeking to experience an infinite God in a tangible, finite way, I must look at my human context; for it is there that the tangible reigns supreme. God’s love is manifested for each of us in our everyday.  God loves you and God loves me.  Just look around.